Keyless lock, Antibumping

Remock Lockey®, the ultimate solution against burglary

The authentic, the original, the leader.
The Invisible Lock is called Remock Lockey®
Simplicity is efficiency, Entrust us with your safety.
Thousands of customers are already safe.


The innovation at your door

Did you know …

… 80% of conventional locks are easily opened?

… can be opened without damage in less than 1 minute?

… if there is no damage, your insurance will not pay the reimbursement?

¿Warn or avoid?

If you think that the home safety is only having an alarm installed, you’re confused. It is only a supplement. Did you ever stop to think that an alarm warns when the burglar has already entered?

Prevents the burglar can enter, making your door safe!

Wow Factor

The thief is prepared with the tools to attack your lock, and also your alarm thanks to a frequency inhibitor.

It is not expected to have a hidden barrier when he thought that the theft would be quick, simple and quiet.

You can not force something that you can not see!


no_luzMake the best energy management, and it always can be open. Besides, who wants wires in the middle?



abiertoThe artificial intelligence of Remock Lockey does not need to leave you unprotected thanks to efficient energy management.

Because if it is opened automatically, what assurance would be installed? You would have spent the money without knowing when would be protected.


The best intelligent energy management.

Remock Lockey is ready to not leave you outside. Its intelligent energy management alerts you in two steps:

1. We will open and close normally, as it warns you for weeks of the needed to change batteries.

2. Thereafter, for several weeks only allow you to open but not close, to force you to change the batteries.

And you should also know that Remock Lockey not consumed if it is not used, so no need to worry if you’re going to be away a long time or if it will be installed in a second home or storage.

Easy installation.

You will not have to do through holes in your door like other electronic locks or latches.

3 screws on the frame and 4 on the door, or in glass with super adhesive, and your lock is ready to protect you.

Configure with a single remote control as many locks as you need, on the same or on different doors.

Where there is a door can be a Remock Lockey, then it is time to buy yours…

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