Resolves all doubts about Remock Lockey below

Remock Lockey is a new security door lock without visible elements from the outside. It will increase significantly your protection because it is impossible to force from the outside.
Remock Lockey opens and closes without a key, it works by remote control. Its effective range begins at 5 meters from the door.
Remock Lockey can be installed on any door, and even windows. Is a complementary lock to the other already installed. Can be fixed by screws at doors of wood or metal, and at glass doors with extra strong adhesive which is provided.
It is not ready for outdoors. Its use is exclusively for indoor use.
No, it doesn’t. Remote controls can not be copied. They are provided with an encrypted communication system which varies in each opening or closing.
Remock Lockey has a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Warranty excludes all defects and damage caused by external events, wear, accident, misuse or incorrect installation. To manage the guarantee if this is necessary, you can do it through the form you’ll find by clicking HERE. All legal conditions of the warranty are specified in the user manual.
Each lock can be opened by up to 16 remote controls. Therefore, each member of the family or office can have a remote control for access.
If this happens you will make the process of deleting controls, as indicated in the user manual. From that moment all controls shall be inoperative and you have to repeat the linking process with each remote control. It is advised to keep a remote backup in a position of trust as the car, a family member or neighbor home, etc.
You can install the number of locks that you think necessary on each door. You can even open and close all of them with one remote control. A remote control can open an unlimited number of locks on the same or different doors. You only need to link each control with each lock.
​Lockey Remock is powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries. Remote controls need 1 button battery.
A life of 6 months with an average use of 20 openings / closings a day is estimated. Although its life may be about a year with normal use of a family.
Remock Lockey is ready to “save” enough energy to make a last opening before the change of batteries, although the batteries are depleted.
No, Remock Lockey memory will not delete the links with the remote controls when you change the batteries. Therefore the change must take place in a time not longer than 10 seconds.
Yes, we have distributors in numerous locations. You can locate your nearest dealer HERE